Design, development and production services

Ddecore's design skills and knowledge base have been utilized to develop creative solutions in a wide range of industries have been research fields. Whatever field you are working in, you can depend on Ddecore's creativity and insight to help keep your projects moving forward.

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1.Laboratory Research

    Laboratory equipment
    Device for the regeneration of bone structure
    Control and containment system allowing for the directional application of radiation for basic research in nuclear medicine

2.Medical & Bio Tools

    MRI-compatible forceps
    Illuminated spreader for abdominal surgery
    Device for the regeneration of bone structure


    Experiments on the effects of zero-gravity condition on sea creatures
    Equipment for experiments on the effects zero-gravity conditions on mice
    Structural design for gravity simulator


    Robot Hand and Arms

5.Structural, Manufacturing & other products

    Simulation testing for accident prevention in amusement park rides
    Exercise training equipment
    Production facilities for automobile brake systems
    System for cosmetics manufacturing
    Consumer electronics, navigation systems, microwave ovens, and other products