Ddecore is a design, engineering and consulting company working with clients in aerospace, medical, mechanical, chemical, bioengineering and other fields. Ddecore has been working with the Regenerative Medicine Support Platform in Kyoto Research Park, utilizing its expertise in structural and material science to develop and commercialize medical and biochemical equipment, with a particular focus on the emerging field of regenerative medicine.

We have sold our products and partner products as follows.   Please feel free to contact us.

Sticky Sheet

The microplate seal is a film for preservation and protection of assay microplate, deep well plate.

The adhesion surface uses a new-ly developed optimized adhesive.


MyCanister's filters are also highly breathable and moisture permeable to maintain a proper environment for growing cell cultures. My Canister can even be opened and closed inside an incubator without causing rapid changes in the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

The culturing environment is not compromised by the filters’ excellent moisture permeability (mold or cells cannot pass through them).


This stand can hold tubes and pipettes of various sizes, and it is manufactured with stainless steel thickness of 0.8 mm.

There are no troubles such as caught in wiping with nonwoven fabric or cloth by careful handmade. You can use it in a clean bench, safety cabinet and various other places.


This cage unit is for breeding individual mouse. The cage is equipped with a filter and maintains the optimum breeding environment inside. You can feed and supply water and collect excrement. Optional lighting control, temp and humidity check in it.

We are planning to provide a special storage rack.